Boeing-Type Glass Cockpit

Boeing-Type Glass Cockpit 1.0

Boeing-Type Glass Cockpit - It will change your way of flying
1.0.0386 (See all)

- Works with default FS Autopilot as well as our FCU
- Flight Director Inverted V and Crosshair
- Correct FMA
- Worldwide Navdata with monthly updates
- TCAS Display(FS2002 or WhazzUp)
- Displays FS Flight plans, SBP files and CDU-generated Routes
- Terrain Display (EGPWS)
- Weather Radar Display
- Standby Gauges
- Automatic 2 Engine and 4 Engine Support

Software Features
- Fully Resizable
- Bezel frames can be enabled/disabled
- Windowed/Full Screen
- Excellent Graphics Quality
- All Displays can be re-positioned and combined freely
- Displays can be Rotated left and right 90 degrees
- Brightness Factors
- Special Controls for Cockpit Builders
- OpenGL Graphics for best Image Quality
- Support for PFC Inc. Hardware

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